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Increase productivity while improving your posture

This therapeutic office chair will finally let you bid slouching goodbye for good

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Working all day makes you afford your needs, big or small. It also makes you feel productive and ready for a new day of hustle. However, having to sit for at least 12 hours is a different story. Other than ending up tired, you’ll also feel your body’s stance declining in the long run.

It’s time to restore your bones to good form! Use Ergoal Comfort Plus and experience posture repair when working!

What is Ergoal Comfort Plus?
The majority of today’s workforce is at an office setup. With that, an increasing number of people begin to experience sluggish movements because of unfriendly seats. But now, with the Ergoal Comfort Plus office chair, your work-from-home setup will not only be productive but healthy for your back as well.

Ergoal aims to help you finish a day of hustle on a relaxed back. This product is a three-part high chair with an ergonomic design, and it uses advanced technology to cater to your needs. Also, this seat has passed through a long process of quality testing to ensure you get the best benefits out of it.
What other features does it have?
  • Height adjustable
  • Full reclining motion
  • Superior Memory Foam seat cushion
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Self-adjusting lumbar support
  • Adjustable headrest and armrest

Does it take time to set up?

No! Ergoal’s design is not only effective for your back but is also convenient on your end because it’s easy to assemble. What makes it even more ideal is it comes with spare screws to ensure you mount each component well.

$497 $1199

Get it here!