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Incompetence Is the Culprit Behind Aggression in Video Games

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Incompetence Is the Culprit Behind Aggression in Video Games

Oxford, United Kingdom – Contrary to popular belief, the aggression after playing video games does not come from the violent content of the game plays. It is actually due to the lack of competence.

There were several tests run by the experts on a population. They tweaked the game so-called Half Life 2 to really know what causes the aggressive behavior of the players. They found out that ?the harder the controls, ?the more violent ?the players become after the games.

The University of Oxford claimed that this is only the first study regarding the aggression on these games. They are encouraging more people to work with these, to produce more findings.

How the Study Was Conducted

They used several methodologies to make the study more convincing. There were actually six other studies to further support the reliability of the case.

Aside from tweaking the difficulty of the controls, they also worked on the appearance of the enemies. Another variable is the training of the gamer. They tested it on players with background regarding Half Life 2 and those who do not have any.

It is interesting because players who were not given tutorials turned out to be more violent. Also, players who were exposed to the more violent version of the game, but with easier controls tend to be less violent after. The puzzle fits perfectly for the aggression on video games.

Preventing Someone From Accomplishing Something

It does not matter whether the material has blood, guns, and other violent stereotypes on it. The main reason that drives gamers from performing unwanted tasks after a game is the idea that they did not finish it. At the end of the research, they clarified that it was not their intention to prove whether violence drives aggression. However, they wanted to prove that people play these games to feel more aggressive.

The study on video games also showed that these games do not have long-term effects on the players. Also, there were no clear conclusions regarding the use of ?fun games? on the aggression felt by a player.

The solution that they could see to minimize this aggression issue is dependent on the game developers. Video games should not be just all about game play and excitement. They should also involve fairness in the game. Are you a video game addict? Do you think they have analyzed the situation well?

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