Incoming PC titles for the week of 08.30.09

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Incoming PC

This week brings a tiny list but, one game stands out for me.

I have been playing the Champions Online BETA for a few months now and as much as I would love to pick up CO up on day one, I really can’t afford the investment at this particular time.

This week or next will be my move to a new condo. I’ll need to transfer my internet and other services to the new address.
OK now back to my explanation. From the many “scheduled” play times that were given to us during the BETA I had a greatly enjoyable experience. Now, mind you I am by no means a hardcore MMO gamer but I love them non the less.

Sometimes I feel over whelmed with the scale and scope of most MMORPGs on the market both free to play and subscription based. But, when I feel like all is lost I find a stranger in the world who offers some assistance and support to get me back on track. That is the type of experience that can only be had on a PC.

OK…ok….That’s enough of my two cents. Here’s the list. Peace out.

Mini Ninja PC Box Mini Ninja – 09/01/09

Champions Online Box Champions Online – 09/01/09

Section 8 Box Section 8 – 09/04/09

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