In Line With Its Recent Video Game Release, Watch Dogs Now Has Standalone Mobile App

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Watch Dogs mobile app – ctOS Mobile

French multinational game developer and publisher Ubisoft has just released Watch Dogs, their latest video game offering. Along with it, a mobile application called ?ctOS Mobile? has also been launched by the developer to complement the game.

Watch Dogs is one of the most awaited, next generation video games to hit this year. The game?s mobile iteration is free and allows players to play the game even without the need for a console or PC. After logging in to their PlayStation Network (PSN), Xbox Live, or uPlay account, mobile app players can challenge PC and console players across two modes: Free Ride and Race. Both modes are checkpoint-based and involve console/PC players driving toward the finish line.

The mobile player has a top-view perspective and enjoys the power to hack the city and frustrate their adversaries by triggering explosions and activating blockers. Meanwhile, the console/PC players will try to race from one checkpoint to another; each time a checkpoint is reached, they earn extra time. Mobile players can also attack enemies from a helicopter and can even use the police force to chase after opponents.

In the Free Ride mode, the racing distance is longer and by default the GPS is turned off. The Race mode has shorter distances between checkpoints and the PC & game console players have the GPS feature turned on. In both modes, the ctOS Mobile players win if they are successful in keeping PC/console players from reaching all checkpoints.

It is not necessary for a user?s ctOS Mobile profile to be connected to a Watch Dogs console or PC profile. However, it does have a unique progression system where players can improve their options and develop their skills as they gain experience. Mobile players may also unlock the power to control four police units, boost helicopter skills, and activate more hacks.

As Watch Dogs is supported across Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC platforms, its ctOS Mobile app is Android & iOS-compatible and will totally be free to download without any microtransactions or in-app purchases.


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