Improve Your Studying Habits: Apps to Help You Become a More Productive Student

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College is the fun part of your life where you get to experience the freedom you badly wanted in high school.? College is memorable, but it is also stressful. There may be several factors that make studying stressful: grades, peer pressure, and crushes. These factors may lead to low productivity and procrastination. ?Of course, we don?t want that to happen.

It?s a good thing that we have gathered different apps that will make studying more bearable for you. Check out these apps and get A?s after.


  • Read With Me Fluency

Read With Me Fluency is an iPad version of the award-winning online reading fluency assessment app, Read With Me. With this app, you can conduct oral fluency reading assessments, or running records in a faster, easier and less painful way. You don?t have to use a timer to see how fast you can read textual content. You don?t have to compile tons of papers for reading and testing. This app is all you need to become more fluent.


  • Courses123

Courses123 is a language-learning application. Do you need to learn English, German, Spanish, French or Italian? You can learn all of them with this application. All you need is internet connection and you can start learning different languages.

With Courses123, you can learn words in different languages effectively and practice their pronunciation. It also provides you with films, photo lessons, flashcards, dialogues, vocabulary revisions and quizzes.


  • Evernote

Evernote is an easy-to-use, free app that will help you remember everything you need to across all of the devices you use. This is not just a simple organizational tool; you can take notes, capture pictures, create to do-lists, and record voice reminders using this app. It gets better: all the files and notes you save in Evernote are completely searchable, whether you are at home, at work or on-the-go. It is sure to increase your productivity level.


You can even email or send to Facebook and Twitter your notes so you can share them with your friends. You can also search for text inside images to make reviewing for an exam much easier. You can access your notes, even when you are offline.


  • iHomework

If you are the ultimate procrastinator, this is the perfect app for you. You can use the iHomework app to keep track of assignments, readings, courses, teachers, and schedules. And here is the best thing about it: you can set alarms for your homework. You will also be notified of upcoming deadlines. That feature alone is enough reason to get this app.

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  • Notability

Notability is the best app for note-taking, PDF annotation, typing, and recording. Get rid of those highlighters and use this app instead. You can even customize your ?pen? color and paper styles. If the material you are reading is not enough for you, you can also add links or photos to the notes you made with Notability. If you need to remember the context of your scribbles, the audio recording will allow you to tap a word to hear what was said at that moment.


  • Chegg

Save more money on your textbooks with?Chegg. With this app, you never have to buy books; you can rent them for a cheaper rate. Search for all the textbooks you need at one online shop. Convenient and inexpensive? Chegg is your go-to app.


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