Improve your skincare routine using this 2-in-1 hammer that makes your skin look younger and fresher

It can also work as a mini massage tool because of its pulse-generation ability.

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Sometimes, you don’t need to drown your face with tons of chemicals and facial care substances to look great. You may not know you only need some hot or cold therapy added with some massage to relax your skin from all toxic substances. And since you’re here, let me share one tip all ladies around should know.

Are you excited about it yet? Meet myChway’s 2-in-1 Hold & Cold Hammer!

What kind of device is this?
The myChway 2-in-1 Hot and Cold Hammer is not the one you see in your toolboxes. This device comes with different functions that focus on giving you a healthier and good-looking skin. It will also help you get away from too much exposure to harsh beauty products.

How does it work?
The Hot and Cold mode of this product has distinct functions and benefits. In general, myChway will help you cure sensitive skin, calm your skin down, and fight acne through a blue photon technology. Also, you can use these modes simultaneously, without hassle, and without having to wait until one sets up.

What does the cold side give
  • Reduce skin’s allergic reactions
  • Best for curing sensitive skin
  • Can also help fever treatment in children
What do I get from the hot side?
  • Acceleration of product absorption
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Better blood circulation
  • Why should I buy it?

    On top of the skin-related benefits of this device, you also get to use it as a massage tool. This hammer produces pulses that urge stimulation on your skin. In effect, your muscles will begin to relax and release tension from your body.