Improve your sitting posture and alleviate spine tension with this ergonomically designed back support

No more complaining about back pains.. ever!

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Admit it. There’ll be times when we try to get off our beds only to be seated for the rest of the day. Other than being unproductive, we experience back pains and stress on our upper body in return. These issues are common with adults, like your dad. But don’t worry, problems like this only call for a simple solution.

Make your dads feel great on their upcoming special day with Cushion Lab’s Back Relief Lumbar Pillow.

What is Cushion Lab’s Back Relief Lumbar Pillow?

Cushion Lab’s Back Relief Lumbar Pillow is a light portable plush stuffed with memory foam. This material aims to enhance your posture and reduce pressure on your back caused by sitting for a long time. Developed by in-house experts, the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow fits any sofa, recliner, chair, and even your car seat.

How does it help my back issues?

This pillow contours naturally against your back as you lay on it. It conforms to the shape of your back, giving you ultimate lumbar support even when you’re seated all day. That way, you get to release tension from your shoulders down to your hips.

What other benefits can I get from this?

+ Use this in your office or workstation at home
+ Watch the TV more comfortably
+ Excellent back support
+ Adjustable, secure strap

Does this come with a custom chair?

Unfortunately, this back cushion doesn’t come with a chair. But it has a perfect pair in the Pressure Relief Seat Cushion. Place it at any chair or seat, and experience sitting pleasure you never had before!