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Like Loco Roco before it, Patapon 2 has set a standard in hand held gaming. It’s different, intuitive, easy and fun. It’s not made for a specific demographic. Everyone from 5 year old girls to 80 year old men would enjoy this game. If I were to come up with a genre for Patapon 2 I would call it, RTDS(Real Time Dance Strategy). Even though there is no dancing, the rhythm part of the game will bring you back to Parappa The Rappa and Dance Dance Revolution.

Patapon 2 never gives you direct control of your character. You issue commands by timing the perfect beat. Hit the keys with the right timing and your soldiers will do what they are told. Key combinations define what you can do in this game. Whether you choose to attack or move, it all requires successful key presses. Now that is unique!

I was surprised to find out that I could upgrade my characters weapons and armor. In between stages, you can equip the items you’ve earned. This in turn makes your soldiers stronger. You are limited with what you get so you have to be smart about which soldier gets armor vs which soldier gets the more power weapons. This whole game is played in 2D mind you.

Since this was an early copy, I didn’t receive any instructions. I’ve also never played Patapon 1. There is an in game tutorial and honestly, that’s all that was needed to get started in this game. It’s easy and it’s fun. The game is due out this summer so expect a full review soon.

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