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Back on March 3rd, 2010 EA had a event that showed off a lot of their upcoming titles. I was shown, and have here for you, an exclusive bitbag preview for not one?but two games, Need for Speed World and Skate 3. Now lets start off this preview with Need for Speed World.

World is more then what you have come to expect from the traditional Need for Speed games. Now you may ask, what?s so different you still drive and race? And you would have a valid question, but with valid questions come great answers. Now your fist answer is that this game is PC only and to add another bombshell to that answer its an MMORG. Now as you pick up your brain from the ground, an MMORG is a Massively Multiplayer Online Racing Game. Yes that means that you and your friends can drive around the massive 150 miles of open road and gain XP while doing so. Does this sound good to you? Well if it does its about to get even better. Because Need for Speed World is a free to play game, that?s correct you have no monthly fees if you purchase World. Only thing you will need is the correct PC hardware to run the game.

Alright now to get into the game, first I will say that World is on the arcade style of racing. Its easy to pick up and play even with just the keyboard. I was just using the keyboard and I did well enough to almost beat one of their testers over the net. Not trying to be cocky but that?s just how easy it is to pick up and play. Now while you race you will be able to pull off some special moves which work as a type of Magic spell that last only for a certain amount of time but do some damage to your friends. The one I was shown was a block move that made the A.I. controlled cars on the streets start blocking the car in front of me. This worked well and on the flip side I was attacked by that same move and it wasn?t frustrating as it might come off at first, its just more challenging.

Need for Speed world looks very slick and has great graphics. It looks good enough for me not to realize it was an MMORG, when I first saw it running on the pc that was in front of me. Customization is of course in this game as well. Now I didn?t get to mess around with the Customization a lot but it was there and from the menu items I saw it looked pretty good. Seemed like there where a lot of things you could adjust and it didn?t seem to be too confusing as I was shown a quick upgrade. World looks to me like a very well put together racer that has a chance in the MMO world not only because its free to play, but because it mixes ease of control with fast and fun gameplay and a great style and flair. Oh and its free to play online.

Now let me start off this next preview by saying, Skate 3 is stepping up the video game skateboarding genre like no other has before. Now that sounds like a high complement maybe too high, but it?s the truth. While at the EA event in New York city, just across the street from the intrepid battle ship. I was shown skate 3, and being that I played the first skate but not skate 2 I was intrigued to see what skate 3 would bring to the table. The very first thing I did was get off the skateboard, I was happy to see that running around felt a lot better then skate 2 demo felt. The second thing I did was try to do a tick while jumping and I whipped out pretty good. But onto the game, if you have played any of the skate games I am sure you will feel pretty good about the controls, I felt right at home pulling off grabs and landing with front and back manuals with ease. So what I am getting at is skate 3 plays a lot like the other skate games but some of the off the board things like moving objects and running have been revamped and are made better.

Now here we go with the innovation, the first thing I will say is that in skate 3 you will be able to create your own skate parks. Wait?create your own skate park? Yes, that?s correct and you will be able to share those parks online for the world to play. Another thing you can do is edit any of the created parks you download. Yet another thing that you can do in skate 3 is import objects while in game. Yes you can spawn items while you play skate 3. This is sure to make people who love to make videos with the video editor very happy, since they can spawn their favorite objects into the game and use them as they see fit. Speaking of the video editor, the video recorder / editor has been revamped in skate 3, you can upload your images and videos to a new streamlined webpage.

Skate 3 is also pushing the idea of team play. You and your skate friends can team up for online skate sessions. Or jump into your own team skate park with your team banners plastered all over the place. One little cool thing that works with the online is that your friend?s characters will show up in your offline world while you play the single player. They will also appear on posters around the city. With all of these things the most important part to know about skate 3 is that its just a fun game. There is a great new tutorial for new comers to the series and also new difficulty settings for every gamer to be comfortable. I was very impressed with skate 3 and I am sure most of you will be also when the game comes out in May.

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