Impressions: MLB09 Hits Home On Multiple Playstation Platforms

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I find it truly amazing that the best baseball game ever made could get better. Yep, you read it right, MLB09 is better than last years jaw dropper. The laundry list for this years outing is incredible.  Here are some of the new features:

  • Wear and tear on the field
  • Dusk to night lighting transitions
  • Online leagues
  • The ability to record your voice and add it to the crowd noise(Best feature ever in a sports game)
  • Enhanced custom MLB music tracks
  • Walk up music for each player

I’m kind of dissappointed because I haven’t finished my MLB08 season yet and with the feature set in this game, I might have to just put 08 down and jump on 09!  Not only did 08 have the best graphics in a baseball game, the entire feature set and franchise mode are also the best I’ve seen.  They enhanced those as well with the new game.  Of course you now get native 1080p/60fps graphics to boot.  Enjoy the trailer and look for screenshots and coverage of the PS2 and PSP versions in the next couple of days.

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