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I’ve had plenty of time to check out the new Loco Roco 2 build for the PSP. The game takes everything that made the first one great and makes it better. Clever level design, funny characters and one of the most infectious soundtracks I’ve ever heard are the recipe for Loco Roco 2.

The levels are beautifully designed. You’ll be flowing smoothly one moment and then you’ll have to stop and think the next. I like the fact that you can climb inside of rocks and quickly roll through the hills or take out some enemies with ease. There are also other objects that you can interact with. It plays much easier than the first game so there will be less frustration.

Graphics haven’t changed much and they shouldn’t. You still get the same flat shaded pastel colors of the original. It’s 2D and it doesn’t have to be anything else. It’s a perfect look and honestly because of the way it plays, it feels comfortable in your hand.

The music in the Loco Roco series has always amazed me. The fact that your character actually sings along with the music is hilarious. I wish Sony would release a soundtrack for this game.

Loco Roco was the game the PSP was made for. The PS2 remakes and sequels are fine, but this system needed to find it’s own niche. It’s a shame more games like LR aren’t being released. For now we have Loco Roco 2 hitting the shelves next month and if you are a big fan, you’ll love this sequel. Stay tuned for our full review!

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