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I had a chance to spend sometime with Forza 3 today. Turn 10 has really stepped up their game. F3 runs at 1080p native, 60fps. They will have 400 cars, 100 tracks and HD video uploads. Each car has 10x more polygons than they did in F2. I played a few games and it felt really good. The damage system so far is pretty much the same although I didn’t see any parts falling off. It’s still early though.

Control wise it actually feels better than F2. The cockpit view is a welcomed feature. I don’t know why they left it out of F2. They had a huge 3 screen demo setup and you could really see the 1080p at work. They couldn’t answer any questions on what they are doing with multiplayer but if it’s anything like F2 it will win for sure.

HD video edits will go straight to the Turn 10 servers where you can share them with anyone. So you don’t need a copy of F3 to watch the edits. I wish they would do this with Halo 3.

So far Turn 10 has delivered. The final version arrives this fall. I’ll have some 2mof’s uploaded before the weekend.

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