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Well I’ve had a week to play Fat Princess and I must admit, it’s a true gem of a game. Take the concept of an RTS add the ability to control only one player on the field and you have one of the most original titles to hit PSN this year.

In Fat Princess you have two teams of soldiers pitted against each other with one goal in mind, rescue the princess from their enemy. Everything in the game requires attention. After cutting wood and mining metal you have to pick it up and carry it or throw it to it’s destination. In order to change your class you have to literally change hats. To rescue your princess, you have to carry her all the way from your enemies castle back to yours. Lastly, since you also have the enemies princess captured, it’s a good idea to feed her cake and keep her fat. This way the enemy will have a tough time carrying her back to their castle should they make a rescue attempt.

You must change hats frequently in FP. I like this. It means that you aren’t stuck doing the same thing for the entire game. I love foraging for metal and wood. I don’t know why but building resources has always been my thing. Every other class, the wizard, the warrior and the archer, are made for battling. Since the single player game is AI driven, it’s good to join the battle once you’ve accumulated a ton of resources.

Fat Princess has different play modes, online multiplayer and even character customization that allows you to just change the way your own character looks. Hopefully they’ll add a trophy system and some different levels to play in. This is one of those reasons that you must be involved with PSN. Don’t sit back and let this gem float past you. We’ll have a full review soon so stay tuned.

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