Impressions: Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War

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The new Bladestorm:? The Hundred Years’ War demo is out on Xbox Live Marketplace.? What I’ve seen up until now is mostly CG with a few in game shots.? The game looked very promising and after playing the demo, I’m sold.?

You play the role of a mercenary in the middle of a war between France and England.? The war is fought off of Normandy.? Once you create a character, you’ll find yourself in a tavern.? The barkeep will give you some information on the war and from their you can pick a contract and go earn some money.?

Contracts are basically missions that you have to run at certain locations in the warzone.? Once you complete your mission, you get?paid.? You?may also?find some spoils of war from taking over bases.? The cool thing about playing a mercenary is that you can play either side.? Play the English to defend a fort and then switch to the French to take it over.?

You can control large groups of men on foot or by horse.? There are archers, horsemen, swordsmen and a slew of others to control.? Each group has different attacks and special skills.?Gameplay is simple and reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors but with realistic fighting skills.? You won’t be able to single handedly mow down 400 men, but with your troops working for you, you’ll be able to take down very large groups.?

Graphically the game is easy on the eyes.? It’s nothing mind blowing, but looks good and gets the job done.? The animations of all the troops looks rock solid, even with hundreds of them on the screen at the same time.?

I’m sure this title has tons of great features that aren’t in the demo and I simply can’t wait for the game to get released.? I’ve been waiting for something like this since Warrior Of Rome II.? It’s got tactics, action and like an RPG, ways to lvl your character.? I could have played this for hours today but I’ll wait until the final hits my doorstep to give a more in depth review.

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