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I had my doubts at first. I hate using videos to judge games. I became a victim of that and could slap myself for it. I played Bayonetta for the first time today. It completely blows DMC4 out of the water and will have God Of War fans nodding in appreciation. The female lead is a beautiful design and is the physical manifestation of titillation.

Level design is similar to DMC4. There’s lots of long paths, stone architecture and plant life. Bayonetta carries guns in her hands and heels. She also carries a samurai sword as a second weapon but can also pick up different weapons from boss fights.

The combo system comes straight from DMC. If you hold down buttons at the end of the combo you can finish of by busting some caps. There are also motions she can do with her feet and hands to fire continuous bullets at all enemies around her. Lastly, she can do these devastating finishing moves and torture attacks. They are very cinematic and involve her transforming into a large creature or some other black mass of obliterating death.

It looks like the game runs at a solid 60fps but I didn’t get a chance to ask about technical details. Considering that Darksiders and now GOW3 don’t release until next year, Bayonetta may very well get a nomination for best 3D action game of the year. Don’t pass this one by. It represents everything we all love about 3D action games. A little DMC, a little GOW and even a little NG2.

Oh and btw, I’m giving this girl Booth Babe of the Day. Damn she looked good!

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