Important Announcement on the Bleach manga Ending Revealed!

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The Bleach manga may have ended — in a rushed manner, if you ask some fans — but that doesn?t mean that fans of the series have nothing to look forward to. A big announcement about the series has just been revealed, and it will definitely thrill fans.

The big announcement is that the live-action adaptation of the Bleach manga is coming on 2018. The live-action film adaptation will be directed by Shinsuke Sato and will feature S?ta Fukushi as Ichigo, the protagonist of the series.

It?s definitely something to look forward to, especially as the ending of the manga left some serious, unfinished stories. However, the Bleach manga ending consciously left a big hole in the series that eventually lead to the big announcement.

Previously, Bleach manga 686 spoilers revealed events that happened 10 years after Ichigo supposedly killed Yhwach. A lot has happened since then.

Ichigo and Rukia have their respective families. The characters have switched to being in the human world and back to the Soul Society. Yhwach, for the second time around, is apparently alive and Ichigo?s son is now a Shinigami. Although Ichigo has not said anything about Rukia being the captain of Gotei 13, a subtle negativity slowly rose between them.


In the human world, the Bleach manga ending has apparently showed Ichigo giving stern advice to Rukia on how she?s supposed to bring up her daughter. Ichigo also said that Rukia should not be too confident, even considering that her daughter is a Shinigami, but instead teach her to grow the proper (aka normal) way.

Yhwach, on the Bleach manga ending, hinted that he?s not really dead, but is keeping a low profile to return stronger and more powerful.

The Bleach manga 686 also showed how Ichigo did not actually get engaged to Orihime. Fans were distraught at how Ichigo failed to have more time with Orihime, despite having a child with her. Meanwhile, other followers have been wondering on possible plans of scanlation of the Bleach manga.

Are you satisfied with how Tite Kubo?s Bleach manga ending turned out to be? What are your thoughts about the final story and the plans for Bleach Live-action adaptation? Don?t miss the few remaining news and details about the Bleach manga ending by reading on TheBitBag.

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