?Imperium? Release Date, Trailer: Daniel Radcliffe Performance Lost In Anti-Muslim, Anti-Trump Talks

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Daniel Radcliffe stars in Imperium as a young FBI agent, Nate Foster. The film is inspired by true events and arguably Radcliffe?s best drama so far. However, upon the release of its first trailer, the 26-year-old actor?s performance became lost in anti-Muslim and anti-Trump talks.

The trailer shows Radcliffe as young, idealistic FBI agent Nate Foster, who goes on an undercover mission to take down a white supremacist terrorist group building a dirty bomb, Entertainment Weekly writes.

When the first Imperium trailer was released, people mostly criticized the film for deflecting the issue from Islamic terrorism, if not praising it as a Trump allusion.

One commenter said, ?With Islamic terrorist MURDERING people around the world every day, with blacks committing the VAST majority of murders and interracial violent crimes in America, and with criminally violent 3rd world illegal immigrants pouring across America’s borders, Hollywood makes a fictional propaganda film about some Neo-Nazi white boys.?
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlhg2lRj-a4]
Another said, ?Perhaps this is about stopping Trump, whom is ?literally hitler? from taking over the US, because he has done such major strides on his path to fascism.

or perhaps this is about fighting Brexit because ?Brexit leaders are literally nazis?, because everything is literally ?evil for realzies??

While another one said, ?Lol these comments are f*cking funny as sh*t. People talking about muslims as a means to deflect the fact that nazis are horrible people. Just as bad as hardline muslims??

EW was able to talk to the film?s director, Daniel Ragussis. He revealed that the film was co-written by Michael German, who was a former agent who went undercover for years inside the neo-Nazi movement.

Ragussis discussed more about the film and Radcliffe?s character. ?Daniel Radcliffe plays Nate Foster, the agent. His greatest strengths are his intelligence and his people skills,? he explained. ?I learned from Michael that actual undercover agents are primarily master manipulators ? able to win confidences, control situations, and out-think the enemy, even when mortal danger is staring them in the face.?

Toni Collette plays Foster?s case agent and supervisor, Angela Zamparo. She has years of experience in dealing with white supremacist terrorism and is the one person focused on keeping Nate alive throughout his mission.

Ragussis also added, troublingly, that the more he learned as he was making the film, the more it felt more relevant in today?s current events. ?We?re witnessing a surge in far-right groups all across Europe; in some cases they?re nearly winning national elections,? Ragussis said. ?We have a stereotype of what it means to be a white supremacist, but when I began collaborating with Michael and doing my own research, I was stunned by the depth and the extent of this movement,? he explained.

The Imperium release date is August 19.

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