How To Impeach President Trump: What Could Work

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It was just earlier this week when people of the United States decided to make Donald Trump their next president. However, although his term has not officially started yet, there are already citizens of the country who are looking for ways to impeach him. The question is, what way would work?

Based on previous impeachment trials against previous leaders, the process is complicated, thus easier said than done. Anger of some people is not enough to throw Trump out of the office. To impeach a president, votes coming from the House of Representatives and the Senate should be cast.

The House of Representatives will be the first one to decide whether or not there are grounds to impeach the president. If there are, the Senate will then hold a formal impeachment trial with the president in which senators will be its jurors and rules of the proceedings will be established.

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Now, ?there are several reasons why a president will be impeached. It could be because of bribery, treason, or other high crimes and misdemeanours. However, being impeached does not necessarily mean the president should vacate the position.

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That is the exactly the case of Bill Clinton (1998) and Andrew Johnson (1868). Although they were impeached, the two were allowed to serve out the remainder of their terms in office.

Presidents are not required to leave office because an impeachment is just a legal statement of charges in the House of Representatives. It is viewed political rather than criminal in nature. Plus, only the Senate can legislate to remove a president from office if that is the result of the impeachment trial. They can as well ban the person from running or holding any public office in the future.

So, if impeachment is not enough to take Donald Trump out of the office, what will? Apparently, there is only one sure way, and that is him filing for resignation. That was former president Richard Nixon?s move back in 1974. Instead of facing an impeachment trial, he decided to resign. If Trump would do the same, vice president-elect Mike Pence will take over the office.

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But, another question should be answered first and that is–will there be an impeachment trial in the first place. Based on today?s situation in the U.S. government, a trial against Trump is unlikely to happen. It is mainly because the Republican party is controlling both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The citizens of America believe that Trump?s own party will surely not impeach him, unless the public will put them under a great pressure.

Today, the possibility of Donald Trump?s impeachment is pretty low. But, it is possible especially considering the power of the public. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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