iMessage on iOS 10: How To Access These Five Crazy Features You Just Have to Try Out

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?and we aren?t just talking about the secret message either.

The new iMessage iOS 10 got a big overhaul and so many added features that we literally just spent the day at the office playing with all the new stuff. You might be one of those brave souls who went ahead with the iOS10 update and though there has been some hate for the new iPhone operating system, you still have to love the new iMessage.

The thing is, the new iMessage iOS 10 doesn?t really come with instructions and if you haven?t followed the Apple keynotes on it, you?re pretty much left clueless about the cool new features. Unless you?re the type to tend to explore and click around a lot, then you won?t be really maximing your iMessage. Worry not, below are some tricks and tips we explored on ourselves for you.

But first off – Turn off your Reduce Motion setting

To get the new iMessage?iOS 10 working, you need to go to Settings > General > Accessibility then turn off the Reduce Motion setting there. It might interfere with how some of the features get presented on the iPhone and won?t work at all. Got it? Good, here we go.

Feature 1.1: Basic New Features – Effects

The new iMessage now comes with these basic features that you?ll probably see off the bat. With the new format, you?ll notice a ?arrow up? icon that turns blue when you place something in the text box. Press down for about a second or so until another screen comes out (if you press too lightly, the message will just send as is, without any effects). You can choose from 4 new bubble effects (Slam, Loud, Gentle, Invisible Ink aka Secret Message ? all pretty self explanatory). You can also choose from Screen Effects. The difference between the two is that the bubble effect only really comes out as an effect on your particular message (which can be text or an image). The Screen Effects takes over the entire screen, blacking it out in some instances. Try out Balloons, Confetti, Lasers, Fireworks and Shooting Star. Check out the pictures below.


Feature 1.2: Basic New Features ? Digital Touch

This one you?ll also see on the main screen as the one with the new heart emoticon. If you aren?t careful and just keep on clicking, you?ll just keep sending touches and hearts. You can use it a lot more (same as the handwritten note feature ? see below), and can also doodle on images. Just remember though, these images have an expiration of 2 minutes (unless you decide to keep it by clicking on the click button underneath the sent message).

Feature 2: React to Messages

Pretty much like the ?like? button on Facebook where you can like a status or a comment, this takes it one notch further by adding more reactions and doing it for any message you (including your own). How to do? Simply hold down on a specific message and it?ll pop up.


Feature 3: Handwritten Notes

To get this feature working, you?ll have to turn off the lock orientation and tilt your screen to landscape. A new window automatically comes in (my personal favorite) and you can scroll and draw away to your heart?s content. There are ready templates and each doodle you write in is saved (you can opt to delete these same way you delete apps). When you send it, the note plays back how you wrote it down from scratch, seen by you and your message recipient. Be creative and send a cup of coffee when telling someone that it?s time for a coffee break. Cute little design fact too: when you?re busy doodling, iMessage tells the recipient that you?re writing down something by a penciled version of the usual ?typing? icon.

Feature 4: Markup Pictures

You can also draw up stuff, type in text and magnify certain parts of a picture that you?ve taken. Before sending out the picture, press down on it and it?ll take you to a bigger version of the image. Below it is the word ?Markup?. Click on it and you have three new features to play with ? a drawing pencil, a magnifying glass and text on the image.


Feature 5: Stickers Anywhere! (iMessage App Store)

Notice the App Store icon on the iMessage. It?ll take you the App Store that?s specifically designed for the iMessage where you can get stickers, games and other productivity apps. But let?s talk stickers. If you aren?t the discerning type, you?ll just manage to send stickers like they were emoji. But! Press down on one longer until it ?unfurls? and you can drag that and stick it to any message, at any spot. It?s like a literal sticker that sticks anywhere (personal tip: try out the Pacman that eats the message).










Have fun and explore these cool new features of the iMessage iOS 10. For more tips and tricks, read on here on TheBitBag.


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