iMac 2017 to target Microsoft Surface Studio?

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iMac 2017 vs Surface Studio
iMac 2017 Release Date

Following Microsoft?s launch of the Surface Studio PC, Apple is reportedly trying to get ahead of ?its rivals with a new iMac 2017 refresh.

Apple?s entire product range from iPhone, Apple Watch to Macbook Pro saw innovative upgrades in 2016. But the Cupertino-based tech giant?s all-in-one PC is still awaiting a refresh. The PC range widely pegged as iMac 2016 was supposedly expected to launch in September but did not make it to the iPhone 7 event. Later, rumors expected the iMac at the company?s October 27 event. Apple came out with the Touch ID Macbook Pro but the iMac 2016 never saw the light of day.

Though Apple has not officially confirmed anything as of yet, rumors now have pegged the upcoming year for an iMac 2017 launch.

iMac 2017 to target Surface Studio

Apple?s desktop line is long overdue for a refresh, and iMac 2017 is being touted as the boldest product in the creative PC space. Though Apple was a leading brand name in this category, the Surface Studio unveiled last month offset the iMac competitiveness.

Microsoft Corporation?s powerful machine was pegged as the next great purchase for creative computer users. The desktop rival comes with a powerful 27-inch monitor that can be set at any angle convenient to the user. The Surface Studio with its support for Surface Pen can even be leveled and used as a digital draft table.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Studio

Apple?s 5K iMac 2017 is expected to re-cement the company as the king of the creative PC market. Online reports suggest that the company?s new line of iMacs will all come equipped with the 5K resolution displays. Though Apple stopped production of the Thunderbolt display, it is focusing on improvements in the 5K monitor. The company even helped LG in creating the 27-inch UltraFine 5K monitor. Similar technology with the support of the Apple pen is expected to match Microsoft?s Surface Studio.

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iMac 2017 Kaby Lake

Intel lately confirmed the Kaby Lake processor line for the iMac 2017, reports Apple Insider. The processors have not started shipping yet but starting next year they are to be inculded in Apple PCs. The chips are faster than the Skylake processors with 200MHz higher base frequencies.

At present, the Retina iMac line, last refreshed in October 2015, utilizes the i5-5675R or i7-5775R processors on the low end 21.5-inch model, and the i5-6500, i5-6600, or i7-6700K processors in the 27-inch model.

The Kaby Lake series?to replace them in the new 5K iMac are the i5-7500, the i5-7600 and the i7-7700K, respectively. The new i5-7500 processor is a quad-core processor, running at 3.4GHz, compared to 3.2GHz in the Skylake version. Similarly, the i5-7600 will run at 3.5GHz, versus the 3.3GHz in the Skylake i5-6600. The i7-7700K is a quad-core, eight-thread processor, running at 4.2GHz, versus the 4.0 in the Skylake i7-6700K of the iMac.

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