iMac 2017 Specs: Skylake Confirmed? Or Kaby Lake iMac 2017 Coming? All You Need To Know

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iMac 2017

The talk of the town is that Apple might release the iMac 2017 like it did the MacBook Pro 2016. Jam it with an unneeded feature, change all the ports, and stick in an old Skylake processor. Of course, many will cry foul if this atrocity ever happens to the all-in-one computer. Many has regarded the desktop as an ?in-betweener” for those who cannot afford a full-fledged Mac Pro.

With its 5K display and a top-notch 4-core processor, the iMac has secured its place in the hearts of professionals. Many still go for an iMac because of its performance and display quality.

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Fortunately, recent reports from Digitimes revealed that Intel is finally ready to unveil additional versions of the Kaby Lake processor. According to the said report, Intel will do the great reveal during next January?s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The unveiling will also showcase new lines of Kaby Lake processors targeted for high-end laptops like the MacBook Pro.

iMac (via

iMac (via

The Kaby Lake is just one of the major highlights that are said to come to the next generation iMac. With its native support for 4K video, the new iMac is even more geared for professional film makers and editors. This makes the iMac 2017 useful not only for photography professionals but with filmmakers as well.

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iMac 2017 Specs

Along with the Kaby Lake, fans are also hoping Apple will introduce the Touch Bar to the iMac 2017?s keyboard. Although not really a necessity, many feel that will give the desktop more features and functionalities.

In addition to the Touch Bar and Touch ID, it is also rumored that Apple will be replacing the existing Thunderbolt ports. Now that the MacBook Pro features USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3, it is only right that the iMac should follow suit.

Many are still hoping that Apple will finally include a touch-enabled display on the upcoming iMac. Now that Microsoft has released the Surface Studio, it might be that Apple is also considering this option. On the other hand, knowing Apple?s propensity of not following norms, it might still find a different way of including touch in the system.

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