iMac 2017 Release Soon As Apple Rushing To Thwart Microsoft Surface Studio

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Microsoft recently released its flagship desktop in the form of the Surface Studio. It has taken the industry by storm but one thing is for sure, Apple will make an effort to be back on top. This is the main reason why rumor has it that the company is rushing the release of its iMac 2017.

According to reports, the arrival of the Surface Studio signifies the start of Apple losing to Microsoft. It is primarily because Apple has not been that active in innovating its desktops. As a result, consumers are now looking for other machines that might as well offer them the same thing as Apple.

Nick Cronan, founding partner of Branch Creative, believes that Apple has been slacking for quite some time already. Although Apple might be creating something big, still, consumers are choosing what is already available in the market.

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Now, because Apple obviously does not want to lose its customers, there are speculations that the release of the iMac 2017 is going to be earlier than expected. Should that be the case, enthusiasts should anticipate its arrival in the first quarter next year.

Meanwhile, let us take a quick look at the rumored specs of the upcoming desktop. According to Apple Insider, it will feature Intel?s Kaby Lake processor. But, since the processor is not yet out in the market, this may delay the release of the desktop.

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Furthermore, the upcoming iMac is going to sport a new powerful graphics card. Rumor has it that it could either be the Polaris 11 or AMD Polaris 10. Apple might also add an OLED Touch Bar to the desktop similar to what it did on the MacBook Pro. Lastly, the desktop is also expected to be Virtual Reality (VR) ready.

It is pretty clear that Apple has something great in store for its customers come 2017. But, if iMac 2017 will not hit the market soon, the Cupertino-based company might lose its loyal consumers. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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