iMac 2017 Release Date, News & Update: Intel Kaby Lake Processor Confirmed?

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iMac 2017 rumours
iMac 2017 release date confirmed

Despite numerous rumors regarding Apple?s next gen iMac, the product failed to show at the company?s October event. Apple went ahead to unveil its Macbook Pro 2016 lineup while failing to divulge any details about its all-in-one desktop. Enthusiasts have since then concluded that Apple iMac 2017 is still in development and could be released early next year.

iMac 2017 release date

Rumors have been abound that the iMac 2017 will make an appearance in March 2017. Other sources have suggested an iMac update at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Much needed confirmation for a March release was provided by the latest MacRumors report.

Apple lately announced that it is on track to release Swift 3.1 in the spring of 2017, corresponding to some point between March and June. The development of the software concludes on January 16, 2017 following which, Apple turns to Swift 4. Swift is Apple?s open source programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS and Linux.

iMac 2017 Release

Swift 3.0 was released in September around the time the iPhone 7 was released. With Apple planning to release its updated programming language in Spring 2017, it is highly likely that the same could hold true for its iMac 2017 launch. Apple is widely expected to unwrap the iPad Pro 2 in March 2017 and the new iMac 2017 could debut around the same time.

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iMac Features

Intel Kaby Lake Processor

Rumors point to iMac 2017 housing the Intel?s latest Kaby Lake processor series. However, these processors are indicated to be delayed further into 2017. The non availability of the processor was probably the reason for iMac?s no show in October.

Latest reports suggest that Apple could bypass Kaby Lake in favor of Intel?s Xeon processors. The powerful processors are presently deployed to top-end workstations and servers. Should the next iMac see Intel Xeon processors, it will definitely result to the price of the device getting bumped up.

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VR Ready iMac

It is believed that Apple?s next generation of iMacs will support Virtual Reality (VR). This year saw a number of tech giants venture forth into VR and as such, desktop and laptop manufacturers have started producing VR-Ready PCs. Apple is said to follow in the footsteps and will be unveiling its first iMac VR in its next update.

The iMac 2017 is expected to therefore come with either a Polaris 11 or Polaris 10 GPU from AMD. Apple?s VR compatible computer is also expected to be added as a new lineup. After all, the VR technology is not as widespread yet.

Flash Storage

The upcoming iMac will also allegedly support a full Flash storage. In present iMac generations, the 27-inch iMacs get a Fusion Drive by default while the 21-inch model can add them as build-to-order option. The Flash drive is expected to become standard in all models following the launch of iMac 2017.

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Also up for the new iMac 2017 is a redesign offering much needed workstation capabilities similar to what Microsoft offered in its Surface Studio. Rumors even indicate the inclusion of an OLED Touch Bar similar to that in the Macbook Pro. It is also expected to tote a Touch ID and a USB Type-C Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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