iMac 2017 To Pack Intel?s Kaby Lake 7th-Gen Processor?

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iMac 2017 Touchscreen
iMac 2017 Kaby Lake processors

Following no iMac release during Apple?s October event, tech enthusiasts are hoping for a revamped iMac in 2017. Apple last updated their iMac desktop line in 2015 and the smaller 21-inch models got retina displays while the larger display versions got Skylake chipsets.?The iMac upgrade is long overdue and as such pundits have set their sight for a 2017 release date.

Though Apple iMac 2017 details remain elusive so far, reports have flooded the internet with specs-features of the upcoming PC line. The highly anticipated iMac is expected to feature Intel?s next-gen Kaby Lake processor series. Build on the same 14nm architecture as the Skylake series, Kaby Lake chipset are expected to bring on increased performance in speed and graphics.

However, GamenGuide suggests there is a possibility of iMac 2017 getting Intel Xeon Core processors if Kaby Lake gets further delayed. Or, another possible scenario could involve Apple waiting for Kaby Lake and the iMac 2017 will instead arrive in mid to late 2017.

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Touch Screen iMac 2017

With Microsoft?s Surface Studio essentially outing the Apple iMac in creative PC space, expectations are high new iMac 2017 will feature a full Touch Screen. Apple has so far not included Touch Screen in any of its iMac or Macbook versions. That is expected to change with the iMac 2017. Support for the Apple Pen which is compatible with the iPad Pro can be expected.

iMac 2017 Keyboard Concepr

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Others, however, believe Apple may bring new Touch OLED bar to the iMac keyboard. The touch strip along with fingerprint scanner was recently introduced in the Macbook Pro 2016. With the touch bar, the iMac 2017 would provide fingerprint security and increased functionality to various applications.

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Other Features

Other rumors state inclusion of the AMD Polaris 10/11 graphic chip in the iMac 2017. With powerful 3D graphic rendering, the iMac 2017 could also be the first VR Ready Apple desktop. Since virtual reality has become the next big thing in the computers, Apple makes use of VR Ready desktop to gain the upper hand on the Microsoft Surface Studio.

Also in the works for iMac 2017 is a new 5K display with more advanced features, according to reports. The?5K display is indeed available in 27-inch iMacs. Even better capabilities have been hinted at as Apple lately collaborated with LG for an UltraFine 5K display.

Furthermore, the new Apple iMac 2017 is believed to feature a full Flash Storage. Previous iterations can be recalled to have used a Fusion Drive for its 27-inch model. And possibly, a 16GB RAM could become the norm in all the iMac devices. All these specifications upgrade point to an increase in prices for the upcoming PC.

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