iMac 2017 Desktop Release, Rumored Features: March Launch Eyed?

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Apple iMac 2017
Apple iMac 2017

The Cupertino-based tech giant remains mum on the next-gen iMac despite rumors swirling of an Apple iMac 2017 launch. Apple is said to be currently working on new iMacs but the release date remains unclear at this point. The iMac family was last updated in October 2015 and with more than a year since, an iMac refresh remains highly anticipated.

iMac 2017 Release

Apple iMac users and tech enthusiasts were expecting a new iMac 2016 alongside the revamped Macbook Pro 2016. Following a no show at the company?s October 27 event, speculations now have it that an iMac refresh will be happening later in 2017. With unconfirmed reports of the inclusion of an Intel new-gen Kaby Lake processors, a delay was certainly expected.

iMac 2016 Features

Apple iMac 2017

Intel?s Kaby Lake release is not expected until late 2016 or early 2017. Insufficient processor supply is being blamed for delaying the Apple iMac refresh until next year. But sources now reveal a March release date for the Apple iMac 2017.

iMac Features and Specs


Apple chip plans for iMac 2017 remain unclear so far. Despite reports claiming of a Kaby Lake upgrade, other sources have Skylake chips with integrated Iris and Iris Pro graphics for lower-end iMacs. iTechPost further claimed that Apple has 11 quad-core processors contracted for the first quarter of next year. The lineup includes a single Xeon E3 v6 chip, three Core i7 processors and seven Core i5 processors.

Graphics Upgrade VR Ready

The Apple iMac 2017 is expected to get a significant graphics card upgrade. Speculations are rife that the new iMac will sport either AMD Polaris 10 or Polaris 11 graphics card. MacRumors confirmed of AMD winning a contract with Apple to supply the discrete graphics chips for future high-end 27-inch iMac and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros.

Performance of the new graphics chips is expected to be double than that of its predecessors. Expectations are high that Apple will be offering the first of its VR-Ready computers with the launching of the iMac 2017 lineup.

Touch Bar

OLED Mac Keyboard

OLED Mac Keyboard

Following the introduction of the OLED Touch Bar in the Macbook Pro, the new generation of iMacs may also feature a similar concept. With the latest macOS Sierra having support for Siri, the multi-touch OLED strip could be a good addition for user productivity. Also, the fingerprint scanner would indeed be a good addition.

Revamped Design

The Apple iMac 2017 would probably also see a significant design revamp, especially since Microsoft?s desktop Surface Studio proved quite a game changer. Apple?s current iMac lineup offers quite a sleek ?ultra thin? design yet it could see even more radical improvements in order to stay in the competition.

However, bear in mind that these are merely rumors and speculations. Nothing is confirmed until Apple officially announces its desktop. Stay tuned to TheBitBag for the latest news and updates regarding the iMac 2017.

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