I’ll Give Microsoft an ‘A’ For Effort

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Sometime ago, much to my chagrin, the Xbox 360 I had purchased took a dive on me. Displaying it’s festive, vermilion, semi-circle of kaput, I had to put in a trouble ticket to Microsoft to get my overheating powerhouse fixed. This is a two part series of my drama…

Unfortunately, when my 360 died, I was about to move from Hawaii to California, and putting in a request to ship off my 360 wasn’t really the best idea at the time. After getting settled in to the Sunshine State, I decided it was finally time to get my hefty new brick un-brickified.

Sending in the request required an internet connection and access to the service code found on the bottom of the console. After registering it with Microsoft and putting in my address, the website assured me that I would soon be seeing packing supplies, paid in full, from Microsoft.

Lo, and behold! On the 9th day from that registration, I received at my doorstep the following “care-package, courtesy of MS.

360 Care Package

Inside was a set of packing instructions and additional information form, packing foam, plastic bag (for the console), paid postage, adhesive strip to seal the box, and of course, the box itself. Not too shabby, eh?

Now, I know ultimately that it’s Microsoft to blame for the failure, and not because I had it stacked on a cable box with a Wii on top of it, but I can’t help but admire their tact in resolving people’s issues with the console.

RROD Sammich

Class-action lawsuit aside, I’m glad to know that not a cent will leave my pocket to repair my console.

So, I’ve got my 360 packed up and cozy. Tomorrow it will be on its way to Microsoft, and hopefully soon we’ll some results in the epic journey that is “Xbox: Revived!”








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