Ignite your aesthetic side and find a new best friend in this handy cutting machine

Choose the design you want in all ways possible

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People today are into doing their favorite crafts. Part of it is designing anything they see, like mugs, gadget accessories, and other personal stuff. And while trends become more dynamic, people have to innovate as well. This type of improvement calls for a tool that will make you design better and more efficiently.

Are you excited to know what it is? Say hi to Cricut Joy!    


What is Cricut Joy?

Inspiration boards can be primitive. It’s time that you go bond with a handy cutting machine that lets you personalize almost everything. Cricut is your design best friend whether in your kitchen, school, in your office, and even during celebrations. This tool reveals the aesthetic side of you.

How does it work?


Cricut Joy erases your need for scissors and lets you design things with convenience. You can either create cut-outs or labels for your jars, greeting cards, and planners without effort. Everything is programmable on your smartphone. Thus, it’s easier for you to browse and customize the outcome you want.

What other benefits can you get from Cricut Joy?


  • Long print load capacity of up to 20 feet

  • Instant set-up

  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless connection

  • Comes with an easy-to-learn smartphone application

  • Works offline


How do I get design inspirations?

Don’t worry! Cricut comes with 50 free projects to give you a jumpstart. Not only that, but you can also upload your layouts and fonts in standard formats.


Excited to channel your inner artist? Cricut is would be an excellent place to start!