Iggy Azalea Work Ties With T.I. Severed: The Truth Behind The Controversy

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In a surprising turn of events, T.I. has officially decided to cut professional ties with singer Iggy Azalea. In a recent interview at New York?s Hot 87 Ebro in the Morning, the rapper shared that he ?took a bit of a rest stop? in his relationship with the female emcee, posted by E! Online.

?I ain?t gonna make no excuses,? T.I. said to the radio host. ?In her defense, she had a lot thrown at her at one time. Any human being anywhere [is gonna] have a hard time adjusting.? Their apparent relationship with one other may already be in the brink of breaking.

?It?s very difficult to be the new kid and to be the butt of the jokes? It came a time when culturally in this nation ? when she?s not from here ? we were actually looking for a source to place that pent-up aggression. Some stuff they brought upon themselves. In some cases, it kind of was the easiest place to put some pent-up aggression,? the rapper continued.

According to E! Online, ?the breaking point in their professional relationship? came after Azalea?s lash on Twitter to Q-Tip last December, concerning some ?cultural appropriation? and the ?history of hip-hop.? ?After I kind of had smoothed it over, like okay, ?what is really meant to be said here is?? Then, after, it was cool, you know what I mean, everything was cool.? ?And then they kind of came back and undid what I had just [orchestrated].?

T.I. then adds his continuing support for Iggy, believing that her team can overcome the situation. ?I really do feel that they just needed a little more time to adjust, which I feel they can do,? ?They have the talent, they have the charisma? They have all the tools necessary to move beyond those situations.?

On the other hand, Azalea had no idea about T.I.?s decision, making the interview a big surprise to her. ?Here?s the deal, I am still signed to @tip and do business with him,? she posts. ?The first I?ve heard of us having an ?issue? is via a radio interview.?

She then continues to say, ?Personally, I don?t think the radio is the place to talk about your personal issues with someone that?s part of your team? He seems to think there?s nothing wrong with what he said, everybody else seems to disagree.?

?I?m sure tip will publicly clarify what he meant when he feels he has the right platform to do so and other than that, I?m chillin.?



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