iFind: A Suspected Scam that still raised $500,000

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iFind, the world?s first ever Battery-Free Item Locating Tag that can save humans from their irresponsible nature raised $500,000 for the project. According to Extremetech, iFind was described as a slow-motion bank robbery or train wreck, even worse, combined! Though surprisingly, the item developed by WeTag amazed consumers with its dreamy features and garnered hundreds of thousands to push it through.

The iFind works as a battery-free Bluetooth location tracking tag which can be attached to any of your valuables including bags, phones, wallets, and also to your pets. This is a real savior if it finally happens! Imagine not wasting your time finding your car keys, your favorite socks, or anything around you just before you go somewhere.

So, how does this work?

No battery!

When you come across this feature your initial reaction could be, ?Oh please, that can?t be! Every gadget or tech cannot function without battery but, but, but that?s amazing if ever!? The minute tag ?gathers enough power from the air to give power to the Bluetooth beacon. Moreover, as specified by Kickstarter ,it recycles electromagnetic energy and stores it in a unique power bank. That costs you less hassle and less spending.


?Not again! How could something that does a lot works with such a flat and thin design.? Why not? The world of technology is creating portable devices and gadgets nowadays. But this one?s a super, at 1.25″x1.06″x0.09″ (32 x 27 x 2.4mm) and 200 ft. detection range and alarm, iFind will not fail you.


The tag works both on Android and iOS. Enough said. But seriously, something that uses no batteries and is made of biocompatible plastic is the dream for environmentalists.


The more, the merrier, the faster, the easier! With 200 feet range, it still would take hours for you to find an item in a crowded and big place, but one can seek help from friends using UHelp function for they can help you find your lost item using their phones.

iFind is definitely a thing now. But it still sounds too good to be true. But who knows? And they have already raised lots of money so all we have to do is just sit, relax and wait for this great thing, or, I hope not, ?failure to happen.

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