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Idapt Modulo : Credit Card Sized Charger Keeps Mobile and other USB Devices Juiced Up

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Idapt Modulo: Credit Card Sized Charger Keeps Mobile and other USB Devices Juiced Up

A charger that is as small as a credit card, claims to be the solution for all charging and battery problems, for mobile and other USB devices.

The term ?low batt? or low battery may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to gadgets like the Idapt Modulo. This pocket-sized charging device is bold enough to claim, that it can keep all your devices juiced up, all the time.

The Idapt Modulo is an innovative charging device, that places the power right inside your pocket. The system used by Idapt, the maker of the Idapt Modulo, combines optimum power charging with the portability needed for today’s man on the go.

This tech company based in Barcelona, Spain, has come up with a gadget, the size of a credit card, that reportedly powers any USB connected device, wherever you are.

Jacques Giribet, the Chief Executive Officer of Idapt, says that ? All our lifestyle now goes to electronics ? it’s portable, really portable….We have designed a battery that is as small as possible, taking into account that we want it to give you the same power as the original battery.?

Any USB connectable electronic device can be plugged in with the Modulo, using the original charger (which is usually a USB plug that is connected to a powerpoint / socket adapter), or the mini cables available from Idapt.

The Modulo can also be attached to a mobile device using a special kind of adhesive strip that does not leave any marking or residue on your device. This makes carrying and holding the charger easier because it is just like carrying your mobile device. This method, which Idapt calls ?Smart Attach?, is especially handy when taking pictures with your smartphone and your power is low, as seen in the photograph below.


The Modulo can also be used with other Modulo units, stacked up with each other, to provide more power, faster. For regular smartphones, a single Modulo would be enough to charge the device in the usual amount of time. For tablets, however, 2 or 3 Modulo units would charge up the device faster.

Once the Modulo units are low, they can be easily recharged from any powerpoint / wall socket. They can also be charged when connected to a computer or a wireless receiver. A solar powered Modulo, as well as a crank powered version, is in the works, according to Idapt.

Since the market is awash with many types of external chargers and power supply devices, what makes the Idapt Modulo different, is its compatibility with many devices, extreme portability (weighs 2.4 ounces) and ?Smart Attach? option.

Giribet adds, referring to competitors, that ?None of the solutions that are there are really a solution.?

The Idapt Modulo is now on a Kickstarter campaign, already exceeding its target of US$ 30,000 dollars, with 1,603 backers pledging US$ 74,781 dollars, as of this writing, with 23 days to spare.

The Modulo also won during the CES 2104 event, taking home the iLounge Best in Show award.

Production of the Modulo is slated on June 2014, and the product is expected to be in the hands of customers by July.

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