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i.Con: Smart Condom That Analayzes Sex Performance Releasing This Year – Here’s How To Order

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Technology can measure almost everything today— from our steps to our sleep. Many of us might have not seen this coming, but it can now monitor men’s sexual performance too. British Condoms is launching the world’s first sex wearable called the i.Con this year.

The i.Con is actually a ring that fits over a boring, dumb condom to take FitBit-like measurements during sexual intercourse. Once things kick off, it utilizes a nano chip and sensors to monitor and record data, including the speed and number of thrusts, skin temperature, session duration, number of positions used and even the calories burned. USA Today reports the smart condom can detect sexually transmitted diseases as well like chlamydia and syphilis.

All the information gathered by the device is transmitted to an iOS or Android companion app, allowing users to peruse the data after the fact. Similar to FitBit and other health-tracking wearables, the said data will be kept anonymous, although owners can also share them to a group of friends or make it public.

“Many outlets have mis-reported that the i.Con’s data is automatically shared on social media, which is very much not the case,” a spokesperson for the British Condoms stressed in an interview. “Users have the option to share their data (anonymously or, if brave enough, not so anonymously) or can keep the info happily behind closed doors.  The device isn’t just a data measuring tool, it’s also there to be used to help promote safer sex.”

The product, according to Yahoo, is fully adjustable to different girths. It charges in about an hour and lasts for about 6-8 hours, depending on the usage.

So how do you order one of these?

For the record, the company hasn’t given an exact release date for the i.Con yet. Its official website states the wearable is still in the process of final testing for a 2017 release date. However, those who are interested can sign up for early bird registration so they’ll be informed the second the high-tech cock ring is launched to the public.

The i.Con, retailing at £59.99 ($73.58), has already surpassed 164,000 pre-registrations. Unfortunately, it is currently available exclusively in the UK. However, consumers outside the initial market do not need to worry. British Condoms says if it takes off there, they’ll move to selling it globally. With the surge in pre-registrations, the company is confident it will be a success, saying the product is a “complete game-changer.”

What do you think of the smart condom? Do we really need it? Would you get one if it becomes available in your country? Let us know in the comments section below.

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