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iCloud Photos To Download Faster With Apple’s Plan To Run Own Cloud Servers

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Apple is building its own cloud architecture codenamed ?McQueen? in light of its apparent frustration over the slow loading time of AWS, Amazon?s cloud service. Currently, images and videos loaded to smartphones and tablets via iCloud takes a while and Apple aims to solve it by migrating iCloud to its own servers.iCloud relies on AWS for the bulk of its cloud requirements and, in some degree, on Microsoft Azure servers.

The iCloud ecosystem is growing at a scale with the continuous release of more iPhone and iPad models and, already, AWS servers are showing strains of overloading their capacity. That?s bad news for you if you?re an iPhone user–slower video and games streaming, anyone?

Apple has also approached Microsoft to increase its Azure backend cloud support, but the latter said it couldn?t scale at once to meet iCloud?s extensive ecosystem. With limited options on hand, the Cupertino, CA-based tech giant has apparently realized there?s only one solution left: to build its own cloud hardware. In fact, it has started buying real estate around the world since last year in laying down the groundwork for its cloud expansion. Domestically, Apple is also aggressively bulking up its data centers. In April 2015, Apple built a 33,000-sq. ft. data center in Prineville, OR, which is expected to be part of the iCloud infrastructure.

Running its own iCloud servers will definitely speed up loading time for users; however, there?s a security downside to this setup, at least as far as the government is concerned. Apple can use a zero-knowledge cloud policy, where it will turn full access keys to the users, so it cannot turn critical data to the government. You?ll probably like this if you hate the FBI coaxing Apple to reveal user data that can solve a crime or provide leads to potential terrorism. Otherwise, the government will have an even harder time getting leads off user data once Apple locks itself out of its users? accounts.

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