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Icebreaker! Understanding how Google Glass Works

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Recently, Google has launched a new update to smart devices which is popularly known as the ?Google Glass?. This high-tech wearable device can perform various tasks such as capturing pictures, video recording, live video sharing of what the wearer sees. It can also show notifications, gives useful information, guides the user through the built in GPS and translates any text or language the wearer sees.

Frankly speaking some people might feel uncomfortable when they meet or see someone wearing this gadget. It?s because they feel like they are being photographed or recorded.

Here are a few kindred tips to figure out whether the Google Glass user is actively using the device.

?Don?t worry, it?s not always TURNED-ON

Google Glass is not always turned on. It spends most of its time in a standby mode which uses very minimal battery power. To turn it on, the user should utter ?OK Glass?. Also, the Glass only activates when there?s a notification received, such as text messages and emails.

To see if it?s activated, just look at the other person?s right eye above and a small light will appear. Through this light, a person can tell whether the wearer is using it or not.

Recording drains battery fast

Google Glass is not always recording a video. If it does, it will run out of battery life in just about 30 min. Furthermore, a person should also feel whether there?s something fishy with how the wearer is moving his head.

Selective words are only recorded and captured

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Google glass only listens to certain words, including ?OK Glass? to turn on and ?Take a picture? to capture pictures and so on and so forth. All the recordings happen locally inside the Glass and it doesn?t send what it hears to Google or save it for later use.


Google glass is a really revolutionary gadget of this age together with all other smart devices invented nowadays. Just always remember to be vigilant and bring your keen eyes with you.

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