Ian McShane From Resurrected GoT Character To Mr. Wednesday in Neil Gaiman?s ?American Gods? TV Adaptation

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Ian McShane

British actor Ian McShane is taking on some seriously huge roles on TV. First he portrays a yet to be named major character in the upcoming sixth season of the Game of Thrones (GoT), and second, he is Mr. Wednesday, who is a key character in Neil Gaiman?s American Gods which will be adapted for TV. ?

Talk about fulfilling the ultimate fantasy roles for some of the biggest fantasy series today! Hollywood Reporter describes Mr. Wednesday as a ?Casanova? of sorts, a powerful and charismatic con man, and an incarnation of Odin who is travelling across America to gather his fellow forgotten deities to wage war against the new American gods.

The fantasy novel centers on a battle brewing between the old gods, who are the traditional biblical and mythological gods, and the new gods who are reflections of society?s love and greed for material things. The protagonist, Shadow Moon, to be played by Ricky Whittle, is an ex-convict who becomes Mr. Wednesday?s bodyguard and travelling companion.

The new series will air on Starz with showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green also penning the script. David Slade will take on the director?s duties for the pilot and other episodes.

Gaiman said in a statement about casting McShane, ?When you write a beloved character (beloved with, or despite, or because of all his faults) like Mr. Wednesday, you get to watch the Internet trying to cast the role? I?ve seen a hundred names suggested, but few make me grin like Ian McShane does. I?ve already been lucky enough to have him in one film (he was bright blue in it, animated, and probably Polish). Now I count myself even luckier: he?s made the journey from Lovejoy to American Gods. Yesterday was Super Tuesday. Today is Wonderful Wednesday.?

As for the British actor?s role in the HBO fantasy series, GoT, he had recently dropped some juicy details saying that he will playing a ?resurrected character.? Variety quotes an interview with the actor, ?I am responsible for bringing somebody back that you think you?re never going to see again.? He also adds, ?My character really is like an ex-warrior who has become a peacenik? So I have this group of peaceful? sort of like a cult, a peaceful tribe. I bring back a much-loved character everybody thinks is dead.?

Many fans would initially think he will be connected to Jon Snow?s (Kit Harrington) resurrection, but given the body count of the show, a lot of other characters can be considered. The Hound (Rory McCann) is said to be resurrected in the books but has taken the form of a man known as Gravedigger. McShane?s role could be connected to The Hound?s revival. Variety also notes that in the books, Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie), encounters a man known as the Elder Brother, who is a former warrior who fought for the Targaryens at the Battle of The Trident before renouncing his identity and embracing the Faith of the Seven. This might probably be the ?ex-warrior turned peacenik? McShane has mentioned in his interview.

Stay tuned to find out as Game of Thrones Season 6 returns April 24 on HBO.

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