I ?m A Celebrity 2015 Recap: Problems Encountered On Set, Which Participant Had The Hardest Time?

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Looks like there is some trouble on the sets of I Am A Celebrity. The shooting of the show came to a halt after power cut in the area.

Flash flooding triggered a blackout at the jungle camp, delaying filming over the weekend, according to Irish Examiner. It is also reported that Susannah Constantine and Jorgie Porter?s skydive had to be pushed back by four hours thanks to the storms.

Over two inches of rain fell in three hours as the weather in Australia?s Murwillumbah, New South Wales, took a turn for the worse. Winds of up to 80mph made things difficult for the TV crew as they battled the gale.

Digital suites that turn 24 hours of footage into a daily highlights show were reportedly plunged into darkness, meaning that the editing process had to be started from scratch.

Many of the celebrities will have been expecting hot and dry conditions in the jungle. The show?s spokesperson said the weather is currently fine but there are ?contingency plans in place to cover all eventualities.? It remains unknown what they might involve, reported Independent

One production source admitted it was a stressful start after months of planning. He added, ?The bad weather knocked out the edit and made life very difficult for the contestants. They have only just got into the jungle and things are already very tough. It is the worst possible start if you are a celeb who may struggle to cope with the jungle in the sunshine. Things got a lot worse very quickly,? reported Mirror UK

Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter, royal biographer Lady Colin Campbell, Spandau Ballet?s Tony Hadley, former boxing champion Chris Eubank and entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne are some of the celebrities who are a part of the show.

It will be interesting to see how these actors survive in such difficult situations.

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