I am a Hero Manga: Not Your Usual Zombie Story

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I am a Hero Manga
I am a Hero Manga: Not Your Usual Zombie Story

What aptly sets I am a Hero Manga apart?in the Zombie ? Horror genre are Hanazawa Kengo?s visually morbid story and art, transporting us to?a disturbing apocalyptic setting.


Fans agree that I am a Hero Manga is more than your typical zombie infection apocalypse with a guns -ablaze survival story. Characters are all far from good-looking and even the protagonist, thirty-five-year-old mangaka assistant, Hideo Suzuki, is a weird-as-hell-hero in this series. Hideo, amidst the chaos, still tries to be a lawful Japanese citizen (putting his life in jeopardy a lot). New readers will notice that as the story progresses, the people in the series begin looking more brain-dead and ignorant than the zombies or ZQN as they call them in the manga.


What is also compelling about I am a Hero is the way Kengo sheds light on what could be going on inside a ZQN?s mind, when in reality they are disease-stricken beings who turned into homicidal maniacs. He romanticizes that they (ZQNs) are conscious with their reasoning intact in a different world or probably lost in their delusions. A perfect example is the chapter about a group of people trapped in a bell tower. These people were conversing like normal human beings until an event made them realize that they?re all ZQNs.


Now on its 234th chapter, we can also conclude that all ZQNs are somewhat connected and controlled by ?higher being/s? and that there are ?hybrids? among them like Kurusu, who gained superhuman strength after being infected. Latest events show Kurusu calling out to Hayakiri Hiromi, a teenage girl who appears to be immune to the infection, who eventually discovers that she can control the undead. Chapter 234 ends with a team, protecting a person called ??Asada?, are trying to evacuate their headquarters.


When reading I am a Hero Manga, fans of the undead genre will be forced to disregard any or even most notions they have on zombies. So join Hideo and his companions as they struggle to survive from ZQNs while at the same time dealing with day-to-day unconventional moral choices.


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