Hyrule Warriors: Your Favorite Zelda Game, Only Different

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When Dynasty Warriors came out, people met with it with mixed reactions. Some praised the gameplay, while others took a dig at it and said that it?s no different from other hack-n-slash titles. Some said the only definite joy they can get was the fact that they can wreak havoc upon entire armies of enemies. Nevertheless, the game enjoyed huge success, such that it was enjoyed enough to merit 8 titles.

As a testament to the series success, aside from the 8 titles, it was successful enough to branch out to other franchises. A Gundam done in the Warriors series was developed. There is also the Pok?mon-themed Pok?mon Conquest series on the Nintendo DS and the Warriors Orochi series, a mix of the different warriors from the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors series.

How would a game like this develop another game such as Zelda, though? The Zelda series is a mini-dungeon crawler that is popular since the days of the dot-matrix Gameboy. Now, they?re planning on adding another title to the extensive Zelda library, most of which is found on Gameboys. But this is no ordinary Zelda series; they?re spinning a game that will use the gameplay made famous by Tecmo Koei, or Koei Tecmo (EU).

Called Hyrule Warriors, the series focuses on the land of Hyrule, the place where Zelda and Link resides. The story follows a sorceress named Cia who is the guardian of the Triforce, an ancient and powerful relic. She develops feelings for Link, a Hyrulean soldier in this series, and of course, those feelings breeds hatred towards Zelda. This corrupts Cia, and in the end, Zelda goes missing at the hands of Cia. Link must now quest to find Zelda and fight Cia.

In the same fashion as the Warriors titles, Link must fight through hordes of enemies in order to get to his objective. Throughout the game, the player is given control of different characters such as Link and Impa. The emphasis here is on combat, although the puzzle elements and items from the series are present in the game as well. Link can use various weapons he utilizes in the original games, such as the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield. Being a Warriors title, though, there are many firsts in this title, such as the ability to fight alongside player-controllable characters in a vast battlefield, often facing off with many other opponents of the Zelda series we are familiar with.

Hyrule Warriors Now has a Dedicated Site

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A game like Hyrule Warriors can only get so many updates, and one such update is an official website. The website reveals more information about the game, the characters, plot, and game areas in general. It also provides more information about the gameplay of the title, the aforementioned Warriors gameplay, and tells how this is mixed in with the Legend of Zelda series to create a wholly unique world.

Other such materials on the website, which players can visit, are the usual: screenshots (in high definition), Link?s screenshots, as well as those of the new player controllable character Impa. There are also images of in-game baddies Shia, Valga, and Wizro.

In true Zelda fashion, the game is going to come out on the Nintendo Wii this August in Japan, and this September in North America and Europe.

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