Hyrule Warriors Legends Runs Better On New 3DS?

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After a successful debut on the Wii U, Nintendo will release the re-christened Hyrule Warriors Legends on the 3DS. The Legend of Zelda spinoff features all of the DLC that was in the Wii U version of the game plus some extra characters like Toon Link from Wind Waker. The title is set to arrive on March 25 and will be playable on 3DS, 2DS and New 3DS, though the latter might be the only system it runs on properly.

Destructoid recently released a PSA about Hyrule Warriors Legends, stating that it ?runs like garbage? on the old 3DS. Apparently, the title only runs at 30fps with no option to turn the 3D on. While some would argue that the 3D option isn?t that important, keep in mind that the platform is called the 3DS and is supposed to have a number of its titles running fine on 3D.

This is apparently old news to gamers in Japan who have already complained about how the game runs on their old 3DS models. While there was some hope that Nintendo and Koei Tecmo would fix this for its Western release, that doesn?t appear to be the case.

Hyrule Warriors Legends does run well on the New 3DS though. The game runs fine with or without the 3D turned on, though there will be a slight dip in framerate if the latter option is activated.

Fans have to wonder why the game isn?t a New 3DS exclusive if it runs so poorly on the older model. The only games exclusive to the New 3DS are Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, The Binding of Isaac and SNES titles on the platform?s eShop. Adding Hyrule Warriors Legends as a New 3DS exclusive would have been a nice boost for it and might have even convinced some players to upgrade to it; sadly, that isn?t the case.

Unless Nintendo plans on releasing an update that will help the title run smoothly on the older 3DS models, fans should avoid it unless they have a New 3DS. Considering how big the Legend of Zelda franchise is though, gamers can expect Hyrule Warriors Legends to sell well on the Nintendo handheld.

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