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Hurricane Patricia Aftermath: Storm Did Not Cause Damage As Expected, But You Can Still Help

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The strongest storm on record in the Western hemisphere, Hurricane Patricia, made landfall near Cuixmala along the coast of southwestern Mexico Friday night, bringing 165-mph sustained winds that caused all types of destruction for the residents presiding in that area. The Category 5 storm uprooted trees, toppled power lines, and unleashed mudslides during its stay near Cuixmala. Luckily, residents were able to evacuate even before the storm hit, according to CNN.

By Saturday, ?satellite observations from northern Mexico indicated Patricia had degenerated into a remnant area of low pressure,? according to the U.S. National Hurricane Center. Mexico was fortunate enough for Patricia to subside and downgrade into a tropical depression after it was blocky by mountainous terrain.

?We are fortunate the hurricane? went to the mountainous areas,? Communication and Transport Minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza told reporters according to CNN. ?That lessened the impact. The wind and water hit us but our infrastructure was able to withstand that hit. The worst went to the mountains.?

Patricia, hailed as the strongest hurricane ever recorded at sea, had more than 11 inches of rain that fell on early Saturday near the inland Nevado de Colima volcano in Jalisco. Tens and thousands of people have evacuated the area and have been displaced in the path of the hurricane.

A number of organizations immediately mobilized early on the ground in Mexico and were able to give essential provisions to the evacuees with hundreds of shelters already constructed for the children and elderly. If you are willing to help the people affected by the storm, here are the following list of organizations and relief efforts willing to take donations, shared by Mashable.

You can donate directly to the following organization by clicking the links:

IMC Worldwide donation

UNICEF UK donations

Oxfam donations

Save the Children donations

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