Hunter x Hunter Series Comes Out with New Mobile Game from Bandai Namco

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Hunter X Hunter

Bandai Namco is releasing a Hunter x Hunter inspired mobile game, according to Shueisha?s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The game is entitled ?Hunter x Hunter: World Hunt?. The free to play game features in-game item purchases that will help players level up in the game.

The new Hunter x Hunter game features guilds with a maximum of 13 characters. These guilds will cover real-time battles, wherein characters can fight all at the same time. For better identification, players will be able to create their own Avatar and take the Water Divination to assign their own Nen Power.

Other Hunter x Hunter Games

In 2014, Bandai launched a Hunter x Hunter game entitled ?Hunter x Hunter Battle AllStars.? Here, players form a group that will help them complete missions to acquire the Triple Hunter title. The game was well received and that?s why an apparent Hunter x Hunter mobile game is now in the works.

World Hunt challenges players to acquire similar titles that increases in rank as the missions become more difficult. Players will be able to get help from their teammates and the in-game app purchases available. Currently, there?s no specific date on when ?Hunter x Hunter: World Hunt? will be released, but the website reveals, ?Coming Soon.? It is not revealed whether the game will follow the story concept of the manga version. But spoilers reveal it will have similar conquests and missions.

Hunter X Hunter |

Hunter x Hunter is the story of a child named Gon Freecss. After learning that his father is not dead after all, Freecss enlists himself to train and become a Hunter, just like his father. While taking the Hunter Examination, Freecss came across Kurapika, the last remaining member of the Kurta clan. Along with Leorio, a prospective physician and Killua, a member of a notorious assassin family, Gon and Kurapika will train to become Hunters.

As days pass, it became apparent that Killua and Gon will remain friends and set to train harder to the next level of becoming a Hunter. Their powers are honed and this is when their battles begin. This also leads up to Gon finding his father.

?Hunter x Hunter: World Hunt? will be arriving soon. Make sure to stay tuned here on TheBitBag for more news and details about the mobile game.


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