Hunter X Hunter Return: Manga To Resume Dark Continent Arc

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One of the most popular Shonen Jump manga series – Hunter x Hunter – is finally returning after reportedly being in a hiatus since August 2014.

Fans have been dreading that Hunter x Hunter officially ended with the Dark Continent Arc. However, in a ?Weekly Shonen Jump? website, a teaser was released for the Hunter X Hunter manga where it read ?serialization resuming,? and ?finally, it?s getting going!,? according to Kotaku.

Hunter X Hunter Return

The much awaited ?Hunter x Hunter? is coming back after setting a record-breaking absence, according to Headline & Global News. It shared that the recent announcement didn?t reveal too many details about the return but will have more details in the next ?Weekly Shonen Jump? magazine this Saturday.

Author Yoshihiro Togashi is reportedly infamous for ?taking time off? and that the popular manga Hunter x Hunter has been in hiatus multiple times. It was also reported that Togashi only planned for a two-week hiatus for ?serious lower back pain? but was extended up until now, Headline & Global News shared.

During the hiatus, Togashi also contributed an illustration to the ?30th Anniversary Dragon Ball Super History Book? that was a part of Shueisha?s Fujio Akatsuka Award and released in January, according to Headline & Global News.

Fans have been disappointed and frustrated by the confusing series development of Hunter x Hunter. Apparently, after hearing the news of a return, it may have washed away all the bad thoughts. They are also expecting that the manga may continue the Dark Continent Arc, which was stopped after just six to eight chapters. Further details will supposedly be revealed in the next issue of ?Weekly Shonen Jump?, which will be on sale in Japan this March 19th, Kotaku reported.

Do you think the return of ?Hunter x Hunter? will bring back all the fans? Should Togashi finally finish the series? Sound off in the comments section below.

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