Hunter X Hunter Release Date, Update: New Writers Fail to Satisfy Yoshihiro Togashi?

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Hunter X Hunter

Loyal fans of Hunter X Hunter may have to wait a little longer for chapter 361 to be released. The well-loved manga series may be on indefinite hiatus and no confirmation has been announced as far as its official release date is concerned.

Rumor has it that Hunter X Hunter will most likely return on February 2017. But the only basis of this prediction is the patterns of releases of the previous chapters. At this point, it remains undetermined if writer and creator Yoshihiro Togashi has been able to get better. If he was, chapter 361 could then be released next year.

New Writers to Help Togashi?

It was earlier reported that Togashi is suffering with serious back pain, thus the reason for the delay. Following the reports on Togashi?s health, speculations claim that new writers might take over while Togashi will remain to be a consultant. This is to ensure that the story will be told the way he likes. The writer remains mum about the news of hiring new writers.

However, despite the effort to make it work, reports claim that the new writers allegedly failed to satisfy the original creator’s vision for Hunter X Hunter. This has led Shueisha, the publisher of the manga to decide to put the series on hold.

If Togashi?s health condition gets better, Hunter x Hunter chapter 361 could most likely pick up where the previous chapter has left off. It could see Kurapika’s continuing investigation on the deaths aboard the Black Whale. But the writer?s health condition unfortunately seems to become severe. The doctors have supposedly advised complete bed rest for him.

Hunter X Hunter is considered to be one of the most popular manga series today. It also has an anime adaptation which is equally successful. However, many fans worry that it writer?s health condition can cause the series to conclude at chapter 360.

The confirmation for chapter 361 is taking too long and some fans are quick to assume that the last chapter was the end for the series. If the rumors were true, Hunter X Hunter will leave its followers with an unsettled cliff-hanger.

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