Hunter X Hunter News: Yoshihiro Togashi Resigns? New Writer Hired to Continue Manga?

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Hunter X Hunter News

One of the most sought after manga series is Hunter X Hunter. Since its creators stopped releasing new updates, fans started to worry that they won?t be seeing the rest of the manga series. The latest Hunter X Hunter news is making fans more distressed.?

Hunter X Hunter creator, Yoshihiro Togashi, has?not released any statement about the possible reasons why the series have not yet resumed.

When Did The Delay Start?

The delays started way back in 2006, where Tagashi was reported to be taking a few breaks. Furthermore, the last heard news about the Hunter X Hunter manga series was about Yoshihiro Togashi being seriously ill.

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From then on fans were not able to hear any information about the series. And no postings had been available for the fans of Hunter X Hunter. Even the publishers of the manga series were not able to obtain any news from its creator.

Hunter X Hunter News: Manga Gets A New Writer?

On the other hand, Shueisha Inc., the publisher of the series, were able to gather 33 volumes containing 350 chapters. With this, speculations were made regarding Shueisha requesting for the illustrator to hand over the job.

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This means that the writer position for the Hunter X Hunter Manga Series might just be opened to continue the work that Togashi was not able to handle. Hiring a new illustrator will also mean that readers will not have to suffer waiting for the delays.

Hunter X Hunter

One of the writers that are being eyed to replace Togashi is his wife, Naoko Takeuchi, creator of?Sailor Moon. Hunter X Hunter fans believe that Takeuchi will be the best fit to write the continuation of the manga series. This is because she?s exposed to her husband?s work.

Meanwhile,?since there are already new candidates for the Hunter X Hunter writer position, rumor has it that the next chapter will be released in February 2017. Who?s excited?

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