Hunter X Hunter News: Yoshihiro Togashi Draws For Musicians Togawa and Vampillia Amidst Manga Hiatus

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Hunter X Hunter

People haven?t heard from Yoshihiro Togashi since they heard the news about Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 on hiatus. And they?re also certainly aware how his back pain is pretty much the reason for the long pause.

But it doesn?t mean Togashi fully quit on his craft. In fact, it seems like musicians Togawa and Vampillia somehow inspired him to get back to work.

Does this mean fans can expect Yoshihiro Togashi to take over the work on Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 anytime soon?

Yoshihiro Togashi Draws For Musicians Togawa and Vampillia

Just recently, pop artist Jun Togawa and rock/metal band ?Vampillia collaborated for an album, Watashi ga Nako Hototogisu otherwise known as ?I am a Singing Cuckoo.? Despite the difference between the musical style of Jun Togawa and Vampillia, the album was a total piece of art.

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And speaking of art, manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi made group portraits of the famous japanese artists, Vampillia and Jun Togawa to accompany the release of their latest single. As per Anime New Network, their album Watashi ga Nak? Hototogisu was released to commemorate Togawa?s 35-year career in the music industry.

Their new album includes their new single, plus Vampillia?s nine rearrangements of Togawa?s previous hits. Fans can also expect both Vampillia and Jun Togawa at Tokyo?s Liquidroom on January 13 to perform a couple of songs from their new album.

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The Japanese artists are also expected to perform their songs at Osaka?s Umeda Club Quattro on January 20, 2017.

Hunter X Hunter Update

An announcement is yet to be made regarding the release date of the said chapter. Apparently, Yoshihiro Togashi is still resting from working on the continuation of the Hunter X Hunter series.

Luckily, previous reports claim that the third installment of the Hunter X Hunter series is on its way. But will it be enough to satisfy the fans? thirst for a new chapter?

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