Hunter x Hunter Manga: Why Yoshiro Togashi Might Still Release Episode 350 This 2016

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?Loneliness? was the chapter of Hunter x Hunter manga before creator Yoshihiro Togashi began his long hiatus in 2014. However, there?s a big possibility that Togashi will release Chapter 350 this 2016 even though many Japanese bookstores think that 349 is the last chapter already.

Watchful Hunter x Hunter fans are apparently not disheartened that not a single chapter has been published by Togashi in 2015. This information came from the recent article by Anime News Network. In the report, you can see several charts that tracked how many times the manga had been absent and how many times Togashi had published it.

From the charts, you can see that the Hunter x Hunter author didn?t have ?perfect attendance,? as far as published issues are concerned. From the time the Hunter x Hunter manga started in 1998, Togashi had missed several issues.

It could be translated that Togashi?s chronic lower back pain existed already back in 1998. It might have gotten worse, though he continued to be zealous with his craft. Unfortunately, when 2006 came, perhaps the discomfort of the creator became unbearable. As noted in the report, that year was the beginning of his long hiatus.

Perhaps when Togashi felt a little better, he tried to work on some chapters and had them published. As shown in the record, he published several chapters toward the end of 2007. However, 2007 was also Togashi?s longest break. He missed 79 issues then.

Nonetheless, fans are still hopeful that Togashi will fully recover. Youth Health Mag says that the famous manga creator might have a huge comeback this year. It appears he?s making good progress with his health condition.

One reason why some believe Togashi will still continue to write Hunter x Hunter is because he had just started the Dark Continent Arc of the manga. Fans are still hungry for more information regarding the story. Another thing that implies the return of Togashi is the fact that Shonen is releasing another action figure of Hunter x Hunter.

While it is hard to verify these updates since there is no formal announcement by the concerned parties, fans can only patiently wait for Shonen to finally break the news regarding the fate of the Hunter x Hunter manga. The people behind the digital magazine are the only possible ones who know the real reason behind the release of the action figures.

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