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Fans of Hunter X Hunter Manga have expressed their desires about the anime in different social platforms. It appears that every fan is hoping that Yoshihiro Togashi continues writing the manga again. It is obvious that he won the hearts of manga fans and other anime enthusiasts with Hunter X Hunter?s thought-provoking storyline, interesting characters and incredible fight scenes.

It can be recalled that Togashi started his long hiatus in 2014. However, when Shonen Jump listed Kurapika as the fourth Bandai Premium Hunter x Hunter figure, it triggered speculations that the manga may come back. Fans apparently could not wait to read chapter 350 of Hunter X Hunter.

The most common social media platform where fans share their sentiments is Reddit. With regard to Hunter X Hunter, a thread called ?Togashi would get more ?idea? from this? has been created about 11 hours ago as of this writing. The Reddit user seems to suggest that Togashi should continue working on the series again and use BBC?s report about parasites. A Reddit user even suggested that they should email Hunter X Hunter author.

If you check the HxH subreddits, it is clear that Hunter X Hunter fans are yearning for more and want to read fresh chapters of the manga. They apparently are still interested to know more about the Dark Continent Arc. One fan wants to ?rekindle some hope and affection? for their favorite manga and thus reposted a thread that was published over a year ago.

There is also a new discussion that discusses whether Togashi has lost the will to draw the manga. Some fans also indicated what they want to see in the series, like the return of their favorite character Kurapika. Fans want to see the character again in the future episodes of Hunter X Hunter as they all are hoping for the manga creator to start writing again. It appears that these fans in the discussion boards are hoping that Togashi will heed them.

If you are a Hunter X Hunter manga fan, what would you want to tell Togashi? Hit the comment box below.

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