Is Hunter x Hunter Manga ending in chapter 360?

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Hunter X Hunter - Kurapika and Chrollo
Hunter X Hunter – Kurapika and Chrollo

Sad news for Hunter X Hunter fans as we might see the team taking another Hiatus X Hiatus. Shonen Jump reported that the upcoming chapter 361 does not have a definite release date in one of their weekly issues. There is no official announcement as to what could be the reason for the delay but rumors claim it might be Yoshihiro Togashi?s health.


Chapter 360: Parasites, left off with Kurapika?s investigation of guards in the Kakin ship- whom he suspected of lying. Two guards were confirmed to have knowledge of the crime, which led Kurapika and Queen Oito to conclude that the guards were not fully committed to defend Prince Woble. Despite this, Kurapika still needs to find out if a Nen Beast acted on its own.


Based on this information, we can speculate that the next chapter will be more intense, with the Royal Succession War beginning inside the Black Whale. With most fans guessing that Chrollo and the Troupe are on the 3rd deck of the Kakin Ship, they will have to reach the 1st deck to steal from the Royal Family. But to be able to do this, they will need to pass 2 more decks with thick walls and guards to steal the coveted pot that grants special powers to those who desire to be king. Could this pot be the source of the Nen Beasts- who are known to protect Princes? And since Chrollo is know to steal Nen abilities, it does make fans wonder if Chrollo already has his hands on the pot or not. We can probably expect a confrontation between Chrollo and Kurapika on the way to the Dark Continent. Hisoka is also on his way to the Dark Continent, and this could pave the way to a Kurapika ? Hisoka alliance!


We have yet to find out if the next chapter will turn out this way. Since Hunter X Hunter is taking yet another break, confirmation of these predictions will remain unresolved. Hopefully, it does not leave fans hanging in Chapter 360.


Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi. It has been serialized since March 1998 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.


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