Hunter x Hunter Manga Chapter 350 Soon?

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Hunter x Hunter fans are still hopeful about the continuation of the series. Now that we?re already in the middle of the first quarter of 2016, talks about Chapter 350 have been resurrected, especially now that there will be a new action figure from the Yoshihiro Togashi?s character, which will be released soon.

As everyone knows, the buzz about the continuation of Hunter x Hunter manga began in the last quarter of 2015. In fact, it was reported in Kpopstarz that Chapter 350 may possibly happen in 2016. According to the article, manga creator Yoshihiro Togashi might make a huge comeback this year as his health reportedly seems to have improved already. The writer was suffering then from lower back pains before disappearing from the scene.

However, the news has yet to be confirmed. As previously mentioned, perhaps the talks about the Hunter x Hunger manga?s continuation resurfaced this month since Crunchyroll has recently released a report about Shonen Jump listing the fourth Bandai Premium ?Hunter x Hunter? figure.

Kurapika, who is an important character in the manga, will join the lineup of Togashi?s action figures that were released last year. The digital manga magazine also reportedly plans to re-release the figures of Gon Freecss and Biscuit Krueger.

Looking back, the Hunter x Hunter manga stopped with chapter 349. Togashi had started the ?Dark Continent? arc. However, since the creator fell ill, the fans were left hanging. It was also said that some bookstores in Japan had bad impressions about the author because the production of the manga chapters was irregular.

As of this time, spoilers of Hunter x Hunter Chapter 350 have been published online. According to the? spoilers, Alluka’s identity will be revealed in the supposedly upcoming chapter. Alluka Zoldyck, who is one of the lead characters, will also expose his powerful abilities, including his alter ego. There are also several fans who gave their predictions on the events in chapter 350 of Hunter x Hunter manga. In one of the discussion boards, a fan believes that Lucifer and Zeno would come face to face in a brutal combat.

For Hunter x Hunter manga fans out there, do you think Chapter 350 will be happening soon?

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