Hunter X Hunter To Go On Indefinite Hiatus Yet Again!

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Uh, oh. It appears that the hit manga series Hunter X Hunter has been bit by another road block, yet again. So this just means that the series might be on hiatus, yet again. This won?t be the first time that the manga will be halted, as it is known to paused from time to time.

In the recently released issue of Shueisha?s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it was revealed that the famous Japanese manga series?Hunter X Hunter will again be on indefinite hiatus while the makers of it finally come up with its return.

The series just returned on publication early this year but now it has come to another end without even a date of its comeback. The main person behind the manga, Yoshihiro Togashi, has been reported to be nursing a back pain that might be one of, if not the only, reasons on the possible hiatus.

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It should be remembered that Hunter X Hunter paused for publication back in 2014, producing the 37th and 38th issues on the magazine. It was supposed to be a two-week break but it went on for two years. So, fans are really hoping that that long a break won’t be happening again.

So here?s a recap of the previous chapter of Hunter X Hunter. The recent release showed Black Whale preparing to sail with Kurapika. This was before the latter found the dead body of Woody in a bathroom. Kurapika is assuming that Nen might be the reason behind this but the security personnel rejected the idea.

Meanwhile, the next chapter of Hunter X Hunter might show Kurapika searching for the one who is responsible for the death of a few individuals. Kurapika will be doing the hunt while traversing the road toward the Dark Continent.

The character is already thinking between a Nen and a Dark Continent beast as the main culprit of life. It might be possible that the beast transformed into a human just to blend in with their target. Will Kurapika be able to capture the villains? We will know once chapter 360 is released.

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