Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 Release: What To Expect As Manga Ends Its Hiatus

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hunter x hunter chapter 361
Hunter X Hunter returns! [Image from Viz Media]

It took a long time, but Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361 will finally hit Shonen Jump on June 26. The series has been in hiatus for some time, so it’s good to see it return after a lengthy break. Fans are hoping it will continue for a good while, though jokes are already being made about the next hiatus.

Manga author Yoshihiro Togashi has been notorious for these breaks, due to issues with his physical and mental health. He had back surgery in 2014, and has discussed how the monthly manga output took a toll on him. Togashi even rushed the ending to his acclaimed manga Yu Yu Hakusho, which he has since apologized for.

Simultaneous English Release and a New Collection

To celebrate the release of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361, the vice president of Viz announced a simultaneous English release. Chapters after Vol. 30 will also be translated into English as well, so fans won’t have to pirate them. It’s been a long wait for the series to come back, so expect plenty of excited and impatient fan reactions.

Prior to the official announcement of it’s return, fans had an inkling it would come back after vol. 34 leaked. Normally, these collections wouldn’t be released unless the manga was progressing, hence the numerous One Piece and Naruto collections. Since the manga is returning in June, this should please the fans who were patient with the year-long hiatus.

The Possible Return of Gon?

While fans are excited for Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361, Gon’s appearance in the promo art is questionable. The character is technically the protagonist, but he met his father and became a well-known hunter, essentially ending his story. Chapters prior to the hiatus didn’t have him in it, so choosing Gon for the promo is a curious choice.

It’s possible that he will be returning to the series with a slightly different attitude, given the recent traumatic events. For those unaware, he went through the Chimera Ant arc, which many consider to be the best and saddest storyline. Even more interesting is if the recent anime makes a return, since it ended with Gon’s journey, making it semi-perfect.

Hunter X Hunter returns in June 26, so fans have plenty to look forward to, assuming it’s smooth sailing now. Fans can check out the recent anime on Crunchy Roll, if they want to know the series in a quick manner.

Image from Shonen Jump

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